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Looking for motivated employees for your company? Maximize productivity with Germany's fastest and easiest job board for workers from within the EU.

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Post your job ads on JOBSMART and reach jobseekers from the entire European labor market! We offer German companies a new way to get in touch with job seekers from across the EU and solve the shortage of suitable unskilled workers in many industries.
How JOBSMART works

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  • intuitive job placement
  • immediately online EU-wide
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90 days online
  • european wide reach
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Finding workers is becoming increasingly difficult.

Time is short.
Endless searches for candidates slow down processes and cause frustration.
Costs explode.
Costs are rising uncontrollably, while the search for workers continues.
Quality is not good.
Quality doesn't always fit: Wrong matches cost more time and money.

We help you to find employees


Time savings through fast and direct communication

With just a few clicks you can publish a job offer and reach thousands.

Cost efficiency guaranteed

Control your expenses with a transparent fee structure and avoid unexpected cost increases.

Quality assurance through a 2-stage selection process

Gain access to qualified employees who meet your requirements and successfully support your projects.

Find employees for various industries and professions

Gastro & Hotel

Jobs in hotels, restaurants, bar or catering.

Industry & Production

Jobs in factories, mills or in processing.

Craft & Construction

Jobs on construction sites or in handicraft enterprises.

Care & Health

Jobs in nursing, in hospitals or retirement homes.

Commerce & Logistics

Jobs in retail, trade or with transport service providers.

Facility & Security

Jobs in cleaning, as a janitor or in security.

Agriculture & Horticulture

Jobs in agriculture, farming or gardens.

Services & Office

Jobs in contact with customers or in the office.

Event & Entertainment

Jobs in the entertainment industry, at events or concerts.

What our users usually ask us about

How does jobsmart work?

Job seekers throughout Europe can use our app to get in touch with smart companies in Germany quickly and easily.

What types of labor are available?

The list is long and covers all areas of employment - from gastronomy & hotel to event & entertainment.

How are applicants checked?

The check is carried out in a two-stage process. First, the assistants assign themselves to a category. In direct contact, you validate their qualifications in a direct exchange.

What costs are associated with its use?

Depending on the duration of the ad, companies incur costs of 395 - 895 euros - a fraction of other recruiting costs.

How quickly can I fill a vacancy?

With JOBSMART, vacancies can be filled within hours.

Is there a way to evaluate the performance of the applicants?

The option is currently limited to the chat - a rating function is on our development roadmap.
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