Recruiting Trends 2024: How JOBSMART simplifies the recruiting process

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  • Fast ad design without detours
  • Direct line to talent through Direct Recruiting
  • Social media recruiting without complexity
  • Mobility in focus with MobileRecruiting
  • Humanity instead of AI in recruiting
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In the dynamic labor market landscape of 2024, companies face the challenge of adapting to rapidly changing recruiting trends. A significant development that is emerging in the 2024 recruiting trends is the increasing need to hire qualified assistants from the EU efficiently and effectively. JOBSMART picks up on this trend and revolutionizes the recruiting process with tailor-made solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of companies and applicants from the EU.

Fast ad creation without detours

In the world of recruiting trends 2024, speed plays a crucial role. JOBSMART allows you to create customized job advertisements in a flash. Our approach reduces complexity and specifically targets applicants who value clarity. This not only speeds up the ad creation process, but also makes your offers more attractive to potential candidates across the EU.

Direct line to talent through Direct Recruiting

Another trend that will become more important in recruiting in 2024 is direct communication with applicants. JOBSMART’s DirectRecruiting feature allows you to get in direct contact with interested candidates. Our integrated chat function with translation overcomes language barriers and enables efficient communication with applicants from Germany and the entire EU.

Social media recruiting without complexity

Social media recruiting will continue to grow in importance, but it also comes with its challenges. JOBSMART simplifies this process by allowing companies to reach potential employees across major platforms without any additional time or specific know-how. This opens the doors to a wider pool of talented aid workers from the EU looking for opportunities in Germany.

Focus on mobility with Mobile Recruiting

The increasing use of smartphones and tablets in the application process is a trend that cannot be overlooked. JOBSMART has responded by optimizing our app for mobile use, allowing applicants to respond to job postings anytime, anywhere. For companies, this means the flexibility to contact applicants via mobile devices and thus simplify the recruitment of assistants from the EU.

Humanity instead of AI in recruiting

Even though AI-based solutions are increasingly finding their way into the recruiting process, JOBSMART 2024 relies on the human factor, especially when recruiting assistants from the EU. We promote direct exchange between companies and applicants in order to make an informed decision and to better assess the personality, motivation and skills of the candidates.


The recruiting landscape of 2024 demands flexibility, speed and open communication from companies. JOBSMART meets these requirements with innovative solutions that simplify and optimize the recruiting process. By directly addressing talent, using mobile technologies and focusing on the human factor, JOBSMART offers a platform that efficiently brings companies and support staff together.

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